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What are you on track to make in 12 months? 3 years? 5 years?  

…Find out with Red Door’s projection program that breaks down 1-5 year goals to daily activities.

Red Door University’s Business Development Training provides for consistency and peace of mind in a volatile industry.


The Mindset, Plan, And Process For Success

Long ago I learned about the power that comes through accountability, mentorship, and coaching.

It helped me get serious about the goals I wanted to achieve, as well as connect with successful people who could guide me along the way.

One of my first mentors taught me something early on that I think about every day…

Mike Vance taught me that my success is my responsibility and I could make that happen through the right mindset and having a plan.

The Mindset

The mindset is something that I talk about frequently because it the basis for everything!

Your thoughts determine your actions and how you view the world!

Getting your mindset and outlook right is the first step to success.

Having Mike Vance and other mentors in my life helped me keep my mindset in check.

I still remember that Zig Ziglar tape I listened to so many times that said “You need a checkup from the neck up!”

The Plan

Once you’ve got your mind in the right place, it comes down to getting a process and plan in place.

Mike Vance told me about the “Do, Doing, Done” board and I’ve been using it ever since.

This method works on the day to day tasks but can also help you put into action the larger plans too.

The Process

Now that you know what to do, it is about implementing the process.

For example, at Summit I challenged you to set 100 appointments.

That doesn’t mean write “100 appts” in the “do” column and go about your day!

The process could be starting your day with affirmations, deciding how many appointments you are going to set, and determining how you are going make that happen (calls, emails, etc.)

By the way, I recommend you start with a “win” like I talk about in this video.

The Practice

The problem isn’t that people don’t have the tools or the ability…

It is about putting the right tools and abilities into practice so that you can achieve success!

Remember success isn’t an overnight process and it is something you have to work on daily!

Having help can make all the difference…

Learn From The Best

Just like sports, learning a musical instrument, or selling homes a great deal can be learned from teachers, mentors, and people that are just like you!

Having leaders and a support network can help you grow in leaps and bounds!


Article Courtesy of: Tom Ferry | Tom Ferry Blog

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