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The best realtors are educators as well as negotiators.

Do you learn better by sitting in a class or experiencing the transaction?

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Everyone aims for more money, but educating and empowering your agents is an equally appreciated motivator.

Why Real Estate Training is Important

As in all professional careers, attending trainings and learning about the latest market trends are crucial to professional success. Real estate trainings help you stay current with the latest industry standards and regulations, as well as help you competitively market yourself as an ‘in-the-know’ agent. By attending seminars, webinars or trainings on a regular basis, training will help you:

1. Keep Your Skills Current.

Keeping your skills current will help you successfully market yourself in the continuously growing pool of actively practicing agents. Attending trainings provided by your office, brokerage or reliable sources will give you a competitive edge over the agent who passively reviews the market or industry news. This will help you stay up to date with best practices and the latest trends.

As real estate agents continue to rely on different software products to generate and nurture leads, it is important to utilize the provided training materials, so that you can optimize the systems you’re investing in. If there are training sessions available – take them!

2. Stay Motivated.

Staying motivated will help keep up the momentum of your business. Leads are more likely to work with an agent if they can see that motivation in their work. Training will help inspire you to constantly improve your work habits, routines and day-to-day business practices. Motivated agents are more inclined to go the extra mile for their leads and clients, and the extra mile is always worth it.

3. Understand your Clients.

Real estate trainings give you insight on how to provide stellar customer service. Understanding what works best for your client will help you meet their needs quicker so you can focus more on building a relationship and creating a superior client experience. The better experience you can create during the buying or selling process, the stronger relationship you can build with your clients.

4. Be Productive.

Real estate training can provide you with best practices for utilizing your time effectively. Learning how to properly manage your time will help you adequately organize your day so that any work is productive work. A productive day gives you more time to meet with clients and focus on closings.

5. Grow your business.

Some of the best resources around you are other successful agents. Networking with other professionals helps you learn about the practices they’ve found prosperous in their business operations. The quickest thing you can do to grow your business is learn from other real estate agent’s successes and failures, so that you can strengthen your own business moving forward.


Overall, training in any industry is important, but in real estate it can make or break your ability to maintain success in an ever growing profession. Continually learning from available resources around you can help give you the competitive edge you need to stay relevant in your market.

Article Courtesy of: Victoria Deubler | Zurple

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