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3 simple steps to successful goal setting for agents

Visualize outcomes to achieve your goals successfully

To see success with your goals, you must visualize a successful outcome both initially when creating your goals and throughout the time you are striving to reach your goals. Here’s why visualization is key to successful goal setting.

Goals involve change, and people do not like change. Anytime anything new comes into your life, your subconscious mind fights against you. And because the subconscious mind is more powerful than your conscious mind, many of us fail achieve our goals.

To overcome this resistance, you must move your goal and the outcome of your goal into your subconscious mind.

One way to do this is to visualize your goal regularly by writing that goal on 3-by-5 index cards and putting them where you will see them at all times (computer, mirror, steering wheel, refrigerator, desk at work, etc.).

(Goals involve change, and people do not like change).

Successful goal setting the SMARTY way

If you’ve ever read anything about goals and goal-setting, then you certainly came across the term SMART goals. To increase your chances of achieving success, take that goal-setting formula one step further with SMARTY goals. Here’s how a SMARTY goals work:

Specific: Be as specific as you can possibly be when creating goals.

Measurable: Always put a number or percentage in your goals.

Actionable: Create goals that are under your control.

Realistic: Ensure your goals are attainable and doable.

Time-specific: Put a date on it.

Y:Why are you doing this?

The “Y” is vital to your success. Why do want to reach this goal? Visualize both the pain of not reaching your goal and the celebration of how it will feel to successfully reach your goal.

Affirmations for successful goal setting

Always write your goal as an affirmation statement (I have, or I am). Always write your goal in the present (or present perfect) tense — not future tense. And always create a celebration strategy for when you achieve your goal.

Here’s an example for you: If you have a real estate sales goal, do not write by March 31 “I will make.” Instead write down “I am making” or “I have made” as this puts your subconscious in a time machine to visualize how it will feel at that moment and visualize the celebration you will have for reaching that goal.

 (Always create a celebration strategy for when you achieve your goal).
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