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How to door-knock like a pro on a part-time schedule

Use this 7-day plan to prospect, plan and build relationships

Who says it takes years of constant grinding to build a booming real estate business?

Recent podcast guest Marcus Rush just finished his first year as a full-time agent and made over $170,000 in net profit.

As if that isn’t impressive enough, Rush is already getting repeat business and referrals.


A lot of it comes down to the great relationships he built with new clients, which you can hear all about in my podcast interview with Rush below.

But Rush also worked hard to grow his new real estate business. For details on the part-time schedule he followed to lay the foundation for his new career, read on.

Door-knocking schedule for part-time agents

Check out Rush’s proven part-time schedule for prospecting door-to-door.

Sunday: Prep day

On Sunday, review all listings in your area that expired or were withdrawn within the past two weeks. From there, identify homes that fit your price range and appear to be in good condition — both price and condition are important.

Using Google Maps (or the map service of your choice), map out a route that includes all homes you plan to visit. For each home, put together a folder containing your bio, brokerage details and contact information.

Also, have “Sorry I missed you” postcards ready to leave for homeowners who don’t answer the door.

Monday: Action day

Following the route mapped out on Sunday, visit potential listings, ready to hand out folders and to leave postcards. Have listing agreements readily available just in case you encounter a ready, receptive prospect.

Try to visit prospects between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. if possible as people are more likely to be home. Don’t door-knock past 7 p.m. because it could cut into prospects’ family time, which will likely annoy them.

Tuesday: Follow-up day

On Tuesday, make time to follow up with the prospects you visited the day prior.

Call the homes you left a postcard with and any homeowners who requested more information about you, the market or their property.

Wednesday: Rest day

On Wednesday, take some time to rest and recover. If you completed all tasks in the days prior, you earned it!

Of course, if you still have some follow-up left to finish, do it today.

Thursday: Prep day

On Thursdays, it’s time to start mapping out the next round of door-knocking prospects. Pull a list of expired and withdrawn listings from Monday through Wednesday, plan your route, and prep your materials.

Friday: Rest day

Take Friday off from prospecting. As your business grows, you’ll need additional time to handle listings and buyers. Besides, doing too much too fast could put you on a path toward burnout.

Saturday: Action day

Using the route created on Thursday, go door-knocking with your pre-prepped folders and postcards. Because homeowners are more likely to be home during the day on Saturday, you can adjust your prospecting hours as needed to better fit your schedule.

Moving forward, continue this process for new expired and withdrawn listings to gradually build your business. When you encounter a potential listing, don’t be afraid to revisit it later during door-knocking days to provide updated market stats, recent homes sales, etc.

Listen in

After following this routine for a while, you might find yourself too busy with listings and buyers to continue it, and that’s fine. Until then, however, it’s a great way to get your name out there and to get new clients.

Remember: The key to making it work is consistency!

Article Courtesy Of: PAT HIBAN